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The housing price level and expansion in Oslo, combined with significantly planned and completed upgrades to Follobanen and E6/E18, makes Østfold and increasingly attractive residential area within commuting distance to Oslo. Frigaard Property Group is very familiar with Østlandet and has in-depth local knowledge and roots in the local community; We have an extensive incoming trade flow. There is significantly less competition in Østfold than other areas surrounding Oslo. Frigaard Property Group consists of an established team with extensive expertise and experience from the completion of profitable construction projects.

Shareholders Stake
Frigaardgruppen AS 72.71 %
Heti Holding AS 7.42 %
Eiker Utvikling AS 4.80 %
Bøhler AS 4.80 %
G.S. Invest AS 4.80 %
Metacon Holding AS 3.00 %
L1 Invest AS 2.47 %
TOTAL 100.00 %
Financial calendar

1st quarterly report is due 19.05.2020
2nd quarterly report is due 28.08.2020
3rd quarterly report is due 17.11.2020

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Simon Nyquist Martinsen
(+47) 916 30 042